C-stand 3m, max 10kg, sliding leg

kr80.00 eks MVA

The 9.7′, silver 40″ Riser C-Stand Turtle Base Kit from Kupo is outfitted with a patented spring ring locking system that removes all tension from the legs so that gravity can do the work for you. With the turtle base, the riser section can be quickly removed from the base for easy transportation and the base can be used with a stand adapter for a low mounting position.

The 40″ Grip Arm with Hex Stud is a 2.5″ grip head mounted on the end of a 40″ piece of steel tubing 16mm in diameter and finished with a faceted hex stud to keep lighting fixtures in position when they are placed on the end of the arm. The grip head consists of a pair of rotating aluminum discs attached to a 16mm receiver. The discs have four different sized V-shaped jaws to accept any accessory with a 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/8″ or 1/4″ mounting stud or tubing. The V-shaped jaws have teeth that grab whatever is mounted between the plates securely. The 2.5″ grip head features an oversized ergonomic T-handle and dedicated roller bearings designed for maximum torque.

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